Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2006 , Vol 52 , Num 4

Comparison of Ultrasound and Short Wave Diathermy Therapy in Knee Osteoarthritis

Banu Ayşe Kalpakçıoğlu 1 ,Bahar Çakmak 2 ,Cengiz Bahadır 1
1 Haydarpaşa Numune Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon Kliniği, İstanbul
2 İstanbul Üniversitesi Cerrahpaşa Tıp Fakültesi, Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon Anabilim Dalı, İstanbul

Objective: Knee is the peripheral joint where osteoarthritis is most prevalent. Drugs, physiotherapy modalities, exercises and surgical procedures are used in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Among physiotherapy modalities, ultrasound and short wave diathermy are frequently used. Our study was carried out in order to compare the efficacy of ultrasound and short wave diathermy treatments in combination with exercises. 

Materials and Methods: Thirty patients with knee osteoarthritis, whose ages varied between 40 and 60, were included in the study. The patients were divided into two randomized groups of 15 patients. Ultrasound diathermy was administrated to one of the groups while the other group received short wave diathermy for 15 days. Additionally, isometric quadriceps exercises were performed in patients of both groups. Pre-treatment and post-treatment evaluations of the patients were carried out with regards to pain and function by visual analogue scale and Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC), respectively. 

Results: At the end of treatment, statistically significant (p<0.05) improvements were obtained in pain and function in both groups. Whereas no significant difference was determined when the groups were compared to each other (p>0.05). 

Conclusion: Our findings demonstrated that either ultrasound or short wave diathermy treatments in combination with exercises were efficient on symptoms and functional status in knee osteoarthritis. 

Keywords : Knee, osteoarthritis, ultrasound, short wave diathermy