Turkish Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2007 , Vol 53 , Num 2

Nanotechnology: Future Directions From Physiatrists’ Perspective

Haydar Gök 1
1 Department of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey

Nanotechnology is known as a process of manufacturing new materials, tools and systems with different and more advanced properties from atoms and molecules at a level of billionth of a meter size. It is suggested that the greatest contribution of this novel technology that’s believed to affect entire world and human life will occur in the field of medicine. Particularly, the potential for a wide range of clinical applications makes the involvement physiatrists into the field of nanotechnology mandatory. This review essentially emphasizes nanosize drug delivery systems, tissue engineering, nanoimaging, nanomicrobiology and nanotubes related with the field of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.  

Keywords : Nanotechnology, nanobiology, rehabilitation, tissue engineering